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My “Blog Action Day” thoughts

Having registered this website to the Blog Action Day, I’ll try to write here some notes about the environment.

Reading The Anthropocene I learnt that:

  1. the total biomass of the world’s population increased to roughly 40 MTC (Megatons of carbon);
  2. the biomass of all wild vertebrates on land is roughly 5 MTC.

In other words, excluding animals that live in the sea, our weight is eight times our wild counterpart. It is disturbing data and it can be even more frightening if you think that a TC of first world humans certainly does not impact on our planet as the same mass of, let me say, lions!

In summary, my obvious proposal is to think twice before doing something that could increase our total MTC (making thoughtless sex is a core problem of course but it is not the only one).

In addition to blogging about the environment, the second way to participate in Blog Action Day was

donating your day’s earnings to an environmental charity

so I chose to join Rientro Dolce (”Mild Return”) that is

an association linked to Italian Radicals, which concerns itself with overpopulation, environment and energy.

It seems that the MTC numbers come from papers written by Prof. Vaclav Smil.

Thanks to Luca Pardi for having suggested the references to me.

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