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Marco Pannella wrote this letter to the famous engaged comedian Beppe Grillo, which was published in Grillo's blog:

Dear Grillo,

You know how close they are to my heart the inspirations, objectives, urgencies that you propose and that your ideas are moving consciences, starting debates and finding consensus; starting from renewable sources and stretching to the reduction of waste, to get benefit from the mountains of rubbish that submerge and pollute the world, to the promotion and protection of independent producers. Please excuse me with all the commitments that have been keeping me totally busy that I haven’t yet found the time to write to you about your document on energy resources.

However not all that is bad actually causes harm, the document is useful, valuable, but I’d say it’s also “other”.

Beppe, “how much, what and how we consume and produce” is the problem that thanks to your help we can now try to face up to so that we can fill in the gaps that have been the result of decades of disastrous energy policies, where petrol has been the fuel corrupting Parties and the State, the fuel causing the creation of and the support to bloody dictatorships. But at the origin of all this, we need to ask ourselves who this is for and who owns this? To sum up “How many are we?” “Energy” for whom? For how many? For 3, 6, 9 and so on thousands of millions of “people” of consumers?

If Chinese Nazi Communism had not established for generations to prevent (like Nazis) the rise in birth rate, using the force of the State to exterminate foetuses and newborn infants, and “guilty” parents, what point would we already be at?

If we don’t immediately take the road of a “gentle return” of the planet’s population from more or less  6 thousand million people to half that over a period of about 4 or 5 generations, of a century, we will continue to be overcome by the birth-rate tsunami that has seen over the last few decades allies like fundamentalists clerics, with the Vatican in the lead, as well as the Soviet Imperial power and fascists, nazis, totalitarians of every type, who have imposed and continue to do so the procreation of humanity, to multiply like beasts, irresponsibly thus condemning hundreds of children to die of hunger, suffer privations, wars…

Summing up, a vigorous, immediate demographic policy of “gentle return” seems to me to be co-essential to bring about energy saving policies and investments in renewable sources for the future of our country as presented in the document on energy resources.

I repeat: fascism, nazism, Stalinist communism, Vatican fundamentalisms, Talebans, and those nationalists and racists have once more suggested these days maddening birth rate policies.

Today, we have in Italy electoral programmes, and Party conferences are reciting a common dogma: “defence of the family”. And for “family” they mean continuous reproduction, intensified, with incentives provided by the State, with millions of  tips to every newborn, allowances and tax breaks for families with many children. Is there no voice raised against, apart from the usual Radicals? The Rose in the fist? The daisy and the UDC, Mastella and the League are dragging the powerful people the F.I. even on their knees are the D.S., the Greens and the “distracted” Communists.

The family? Which? What social rights, “ethics” politicians for their “constituents”, women and men of every latitude, colour, opinion, religion? Beppe, even you are of an age to remember – there are still lots of us – but we are about to be overcome if the “others”, the “young” don’t know: “God, Patria, Family”. The “bomb” is not the “nuclear” one, unless in terms of risk and of danger. It is the “demographic bomb” it will explode in more than a century and in its path it will destroy everything: nature, humanity, planet, it is infecting our world and its surroundings.

Shall we send out this SOS, this MayDay? I’ve been  ready for some time to lend a hand and do more than that. From the time of the Club of Rome, when we proposed having Aurelio Peccei (and who’s he?) as Presidente del Consiglio…

But what a disaster that tribe of sex-phobics, of absolutists, of desperate people, of blasphemers, of those accumulators of gold and powers, of impotents and over-powerful, disembarked, once more, from one side of the River Tiber to the other, and what desperation of the powerful, over-powerful and impotent who are here, who opened the big and little doors of the Palace for them and their stories and their consciences!

Marco Pannella


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